Zinc Air Battery

A silver oxide battery is a primary cell with high energy density. Typically available as button cells, these types of batteries are primarily used in small appliances. A silver oxide battery has a silver cathode and a zinc anode. Energy is created through zinc oxidation with the silver oxide.

What are silver oxide batteries used for?

Silver oxide batteries are used in a range of applications. Because of the high cost of materials, however, they are most commonly found in high-end products such as designer watches. These types of cell batteries may also be used to power hearing aids, calculators, and medical aids.

Silver oxide battery advantages

These types of batteries are more effective than both lithium and alkaline batteries. A silver-oxide battery provides a high energy output, around twice that of alkaline button cells. Unlike most batteries, the energy discharge remains constant until the battery is fully depleted. Additionally, there are no flammability issues with silver-oxide batteries.

Silver oxide battery disadvantages

These types of batteries are not effective in low temperatures. They are made with costly materials, which can negatively impact the price. A silver oxide battery also has a lower energy density than some counterparts, such as a zinc-air battery.

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