What to do with old rechargeable batteries

Do you know what you do with your old batteries if you need to dispose of them? Also, batteries wear down or lose their effectiveness and must be replaced.

Batteries are usually used in laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones, video cameras, cordless power tools, toys and remote controls. And all AA, AAA, 9 volt batteries and D batteries must also be disposed of properly.

So many of us just throw our old batteries in our household waste and think nothing of this. In today’s society however, there’s more awareness of our planet and protecting our children and grandchildren’s future for a clean and “green” world. Let’s all be aware that there is danger in ignoring our environment by not protecting our natural resources.

Protect batteries from nation’s solid waste and recycle used batteries and old cell phones. Find out who in your area collects used rechargeable batteries and make your contribution to our natural resources whilst helping to project our environment. You will be amazed how many organizations and agencies now take your old batteries.

Simply search for ‘battery recycling near me’ for a list of areas that recycle batteries. A lot of supermarkets these days also recycle batteries for you, so be on the look out for these services.

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